Students Testimonials

I wasn't convinced that learning to write Nastaliq via Skype would work, but Payman's lessons were amazing. He handles the technology expertly and seamlessly - it is just like being in a room with a private instructor. He is a very patient and encouraging teacher, and extremely knowledgeable on the subject. He explains the writing of each character thoroughly and with methods that make the lessons both memorable and fun. He has a lovely personality and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Cynthia DeKay, Saint Paul, MN 

I started the online classes about a year ago and just recently finished my 4th term. Although I had always been into calligraphy, it has truly become my passion since last year, thanks to Payman's dedication to calligraphy teaching and his helpful and to-the-point instructions. I've found the online classes very convenient and at the same time very effective. The closeup angle of the camera allows the student to clearly see the pen movements from the writer's point of view, something which is not really doable in traditional in-person classes. Thanks Payman for all your help. Cannot wait to start the next term!

Ahmad Darabiha, Irvine, CA


My name is Mehrdad Azizi and i just passed the first Online Calligraphy Class with Mr. Peyman Hamed, and i am very happy with my experience. Before i thought Online Calligraphy Class is not possible and it's not working; but after i talked with Mr. Hamed i decided to try.

After a few weeks i saw Online classes is the best because:

    1.It's one to one
    2.Settle movement and all the details are very clear
    3. You can save lots of time and money, because you are at home.

The other thing about the classes is the special way of Mr. Hamed's training method, which is very simple and clear, and the correct pen movement which could otherwise take long time to learn is made achievable in a short time.

And last but not least, I'd like to talk about some creativity's of the classes; for example, "Final Project", which has been very constructive and exciting for me: I think the effort that the student puts into this final project, from choosing poem to finding paper and framing it is one of the greatest experience.

Mehrdad Azizi, Carson City, NV


Today, when we were reviewing my mashgh(s) I saw how well this online class can be, as much as a 1 on 1 in person class. Thank you for encouraging me to take the online class.

Sima Mehrzad, San Francisco, CA


I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your class. I know it's not easy to teach and do all the paper work and other stuff at the same time. But you are doing very well to manage and keep all of your students interested in this beautiful and meaningful art. I am looking forward to start the new semester. Thank you again.

By the way, I am really enjoying working with my pens. Thank you again for fixing them.

Mojgan Hannani, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for opening up a new door for me into the world of calligraphy. I have learned so much over my course period and I owe it all to you and your willingness to be patient to help us prefect our work. During my courses, I have learned the most from online classes especially. The convenience of my home and the expedience of planning my class around a time that works around my busy schedule really allowed me to work in a relaxed suitable environment. I appreciate everything you have taught me during my classes and I cannot wait to embellish my work even more.

Maryam Boloorchi, Santa Monica, CA.