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Welcome to, the world of Arabic calligraphy! We are excited to share the divine beauty of Arabic calligraphy with the rest of the world.

You are in the right place if you are interested in learning this beautiful form of art or if you are looking for some Arabic calligraphy art pieces to decorate your home or office with. We also accept custom Arabic calligraphy commissions such as Arabic calligraphy logo designs, wedding cards, custom gift arts, or Arabic headstones/ monuments.

Education is the core of what we do. We are proud to be the first online school for the art of Arabic calligraphy. We believe the world is becoming a global village and people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds come together and must learn about each other in order to be able to understand and respect one another. In this era, our mission to introduce the beautiful art of Arabic calligraphy -that is truly the most prominent form of visual art in the middle east- has a special importance. Art students from anywhere in the world, with any ethnic background or religious believes, can effectively learn this magnificent art through live video streaming classes.      



Here you can find a list of services that we offer:


- Arabic calligraphy classes

- Arabic calligraphy seminars and workshops

Arts Gallery:

- Arabic calligraphy Paintings on Paper 

- Arabic calligraphy Paintings on Canvas 

Custom Arts:

- Arabic calligraphy logo designs 

- Arabic calligraphy wedding invitations

- Arabic calligraphy jewellery design

- Custom Arabic calligraphy gifts (original art or print)

- Arabic calligraphy headstone design