Live Arabic Calligraphy For Your Event? We Can Help!

If you have an upcoming event and as a gift of favor you would like to provide your guests with their names in Arabic calligraphy, then you may book your event here:


Number of Hours*:
Please Write Your Name Here:
Selected Borders (if any*)

* We will use a few of these beautiful Decorative Borders to write on. You can indicate your favorite borders in the area provided; otherwise, we will use the most popular border designs based on our previous experiences.

* We understand sometimes it can be difficult to say no to your guests after time is up; with client's approval additional hour(s) can be extended and the client can pay for the additional hours after the event is over or they will receive a bill.

* If your event is going to take place here in Southern California area, then Standard Mileage will be added to your total to cover the cost of transportation. This amount will be billed.

* If your event is going to take place outside of Southern California area, then there will be a surcharge to cover airfare, hotel and other expenses. The amount of this surcharge will depend on the destination and length of the event. You may Contact Us to arrange accordingly.