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If you want to learn Arabic calligraphy then you are in the right place. Education is the core of what we do here on arabic-calligraphy.org; everything else would be done around the schedule of our classes. We offers online Arabic calligraphy classes where our art students calling from anywhere in the world can learn different styles of Arabic calligraphy through our comprehensive "Learn Arabic Calligraphy" Program. We use "Skype", "ooVoo", and Live Video Streaming powered by ustream.tv to conduct the classes. Our current students call in from America -several states- as well as Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. We also offer in-person classes here in a few locations here Los Angeles, California. 

(New) Arabic Calligraphy Classes - Institute of Knowledge (IOK)

Thanks to the helpful and supportive IOK school staff and parents and especial thanks to all students for their hard work and dedication, the first semester of Arabic calligraphy classes have successfully finished. We would like to thank you all for your assistance and support and congratulate all the students who received their first semester certificate. 


Students Art Exhibition: SA Final Projects - Institute of Knowledge, Diamond Bar, CA 

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Please stop by and receive an application form from sister Lisa at the front desk if you are interested in joining the classes this new semester (classes are exclusive for IOK students). 

Arabic Calligraphy Program - Lesson Plan

In each Arabic calligraphy program, classified lessons are presented in certain sequence. Depending on the calligraphy style, the number of lessons can be from 72 to 144 lessons and duration of the program could take 6 to 12 semesters. For example, our program for "Thuluth" style is comprised of 96 classified lessons that will be presented in 8 semesters. This program would be 2 years long. As another example, "Nastaliq" style would take 144 lessons equal to 8 semesters. It would take three years to finish beginner, intermediate, and advance levels. 

Each semester is three months long and includes 12 consequent weekly sessions. In each semester, there are 11 weekly lessons followed by a final project at the end.


Online Persian/Arabic Calligraphy Classes - VOA Interview

If you do not reside in Los Angeles area, still you can attend Persian/Arabic calligraphy classes online! Watch this interview with "Voice of America" to get an idea about how it would work. This is a brief introduction to the process of our online classes

Students Say .... 

... I've found the online calligraphy classes very convenient and at the same time very effective. The closeup angle of the camera allows the student to clearly see the pen movements from the writer's point of view, something which is not really doable in traditional in-person classes.... 

Ahmad Darabiha, Irvine, CA

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):                           

What is the tuition fee and how can I pay?

Tuition fee is $240 per semester and it covers 12 weekly sessions throughout the semester. Tuition fee is due at the beginning of each semester and you can pay after you filled the  Application Form .

Do I need to know Arabic? What if I do not speak Arabic?
This program is designed for English speaking art students and all English Speaking applicants will be admitted. Art instructors speak English in classes. Also, each of the weekly lessons taught in learn calligraphy classes includes a translation and a transliteration in English so that English speaking students can learn the meaning and pronunciation of the lessons.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

What is the class schedule and registration process?
Semesters schedules are posted next to the Application Form. After filling in the form you will be contacted to schedule the specific hour and day for your classes in the next semester based on your available times and the art instructors' available times. We will answer the questions that you might have and walk you through the process of registration.

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