Frequently Asked Questions

Online Arabic Calligraphy Classes

What is the class schedule?

Calligraphy classes are usually one-to-one and therefore the class schedule is flexible. After filling in the application form you will be contacted to schedule your class based on your available times and the art instructors available times.

What is the registration process?

You fill in the Application Form and provide us with your name, email address and phone number. We contact you to coordinate for your class scheduling and walk you through the process of registration.

How much is the tuition fee and how can I pay?

Tuition fee is $240 for one semester that is weekly 12 sessions.  Tuition fee will be due at the beginning of each semester and you can pay online along with your application or contact us if you prefer to send a check or money order instead. 

What if I do not speak Arabic? 

This program is designed for English speaking art students and all English Speaking applicants will be admitted. Art instructors speak English in classes. Also, each of the weekly lessons taught in learn Arabic calligraphy classes includes a translation and a transliteration in English so that English speaking students can learn the meaning and pronunciation of the lessons.         

Online classes or traditional classes?

If you happen to live in Los Angeles Area, you are more than welcome to attend your Arabic calligraphy classes in person. If you live elsewhere, you are encouraged to sign up for online classes. We have online art students from all over the globe.

What do I expect to see in online calligraphy classes?

In Online Calligraphy Classes you will meet your instructor once a week through Skype, ooVoo, or Live Streaming: 

  • Pen movements and other details will be shown to you through webcam
  • Your assignments will be sent to you via email
  • You work on the assignment for a week and send your final work back
  • Your art work will be evaluated to identify strengths/ areas of improvement
  • Calligraphy supplies are available for our students

What is the number of students per class?

The classes are usually one-to-one. Some times the number of students per class is more than one; however, to make sure that the art instructor can spend enough time with every one the number of art students per class will not exceed three students per class.

Are there classes for different levels?

Yes. There are. The entire program covers three levels as follows:

        First Year:            "Beginners Level"           Semester SA through Semester SD

        Second Year:      "Intermediate Level"       Semester SE through Semester SH

        Third Year:           "Advanced Level"            Semester SI through Semester SL

I have practiced calligraphy before. Is there an evaluation process to identify the appropriate level for me? 

You will need to send us a few samples of your calligraphy writings. Your calligraphic skills will be evaluated and you will be placed in appropriate level.

What are the Semesters?

There are four Semesters offered each year and each semester is three months long, equal to 12 weeks.